Your technician logs in remotely to quickly help fix your computer.

I was very happy that you got back to me. i thank Sam was very helpful and he resolved the problems.. i will also refer you to my friends.

- Carol R

Thanks for solving my computer problems.This is the second time I have spoken to you and you have always been very helpful.

- Monica A

I was skeptical in the begining, but as we talked I got more confidence in what you were doing. I left the computer on and went on my business and Sam the tech man did a good job of cleaning my computer, it works faster and it is updated, Thank you

- Martin G

As always, you have resolved my problems of slow, inability to create folders, viruses and infections. Sam did a great job and kept in contact with me as the need arose. Your technician was informed, courteous and did a great job. Thanks again,

- Joyce K

I am very very satisfied with the services (Richard and Marc ) were the best.

- John M

Thank you very much for your assistance with my computer.

- Buck

I like to say thank you to Marc for doing such a great job with my computer all day today. Out of all of the people that I have worked with pertaining to technical issues Mr. Robinson is by far the very best. Once again thank you Mark

- Daniel W


- Alice G

I want to thank your people for the help they gave me is fixing the problems on my computer. They were efficient and polite. Thank you, I look forward to using my computer that now has no problems

- Barbara B

Sam Dawson helped me with my pc today. He was extremely helpful, gave me excellent support and my pc issues were totally resolved. He worked in a timely fashion and I would highly recommend your company to all of my friends. Thank you again for all of your assistance.

- Warren R

The techs were very patient and seemed very knowledgable. After the process I feel more secure about my computer, and have confidence that I will be secure from anomalies like viruses and bogus traffic.

- William M

This was a call back from yesterday to solve a prevailing problem. Marc took the time to explain the problem and corrected same. Thank you Marc.

- George H

I think the technician was out standing, and patience with me in installing my sound system---Yes he did a great job for me this time

- James P

I am very pleased with the workmanship of your technicians.

- Robert P

My computer is now 100% efficient and running excellently whereas before it was not running. I appreciate the services that ISecurevap has already provided me..

- Elaine R

i experienced a problem with my wireless internet connection and was unable to resolve it. Sam was a great help and resolved my issue to my satisfaction. I am reconnected to my wireless service. Sam was very patient with me and explained things repeatedly until I was able to follow his directions. I am more than satisfied with the help that I received from him. Sincerely,

- Suzanne C

I was extremely happy with the work Jay did for me on my computer He helped me with all my problems in a quick friendly and professional way

- Diane D

I am satisfied with the help I have received from Sam regarding problems in my computer. He has always been supportive and patient.

- Simone L

The tech help from Sam was great. Al the problems on my computer has got resolved. I will gladly refer the service to someone else. Sent from Windows Mail

- Dan B

Tech Sam Dawson repaired problem in computer. Very fast, very profession. Very happy with service.

- Edward G

Giving feedback to support team. Service was excellent today. Thanks

- Khazali A

I am well pleased with the professionalism that I received from Roger Brown during this session. I thank you for providing a service as this one is. May God bless one and all.

- William A

Jay has been a superior teacher with me for two days. Very patient and very understanding of someone that has little computer sense.

- Brenda K

I would like to say i was very happy with the way Jay made my computer better, and he was very helpful thank you

- Linda M

I am completely happy with all the work done on my computer today. Thank you

- Cathy G

Tech Roger Brown very fast and very professional. Thank you so much.

- Eddie G

Sam did a great job of fixing my email. I am hard of hearing and he did good in speaking so Icould under stand him. Thank you so much

- Dixie W

I am very satisfied with the work done today.

- Debby V

I received total satisfaction from I secure Vap.They have me the support I so desperately need.They gained my trust in getting problems with my comp.

- Judy B

Both gentle men who contacted me were very helpful. Perhaps extremely helpful, as I did a lot of cussing, not at them but at my damned computer.

- Tom C

The service I got today was excellent! Thank you so much.

- Patty M

The work done on my computer sure has speed things up—appears to have deleted all the bad things. Thanks.

- Betty & Bob D

I had a GREAT experience with Roger Brown on March 13, 2014. He is a support Tech. from: Isecurevap He is an asset to your company!! Respectfully, Mrs. Shirley B

- Shirley B

I appreciate the service provided by Alex Smith. He has been very attentive and professional in dealing with my problems with the computer.

- Peter K

Mark was wonderful.

- Joan

Feedback:After 5 days of installing OS X Mavericks, I awoke this morning to a "installation failed" notice. But Mike Stewart and Mark were solved it

- Jan W

I am very happy that I can use my computer toplay games online...thank you very much.

- Ida W

Roger Brown was very helpfull an very happy with his help

- John P

Jay was very professional and I am satisfied with the service. RAL

- Robert L

I really liked the service I received from Jay. He was very professional and helpful. He even answered my questions in an understandable and concise manner. I think it was money well spent. Thank you.

- George A

Sam Dawson was very helpful in resolving my problem. He was clear about what he did, and the computer is working the way it should now.

- Stephaney L

I was very satisfied with the expertise and feedback of Roger. He was very knowledgeable and professional and went beyond and above what he needed to do to the point of doing some housekeeping on my computer. He was awesome.

- John B

Roger Brown has been very helpful and has explained to me how he has improved my computer. He is very knowledgeable and has answered all my questions. I hope to work with him again.

- Tom C

Mr. Marc Robinson was extremely helpful. He fixed my computer, recovered data and answered every one of my questions. This was a friendly, stress free experience. This was a tech support session that can be described as a pleasant experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Betty G

Service from mark was quite satisfatory

- Arthur B

I would like to thank your service and especially the gentlemen that interacted with me.----- Alex --- jay--- sorry if I missed someone. I was impressed with the time you all took to improve my computer.

- Francis T

Jay has been very helpful by making my computer run more efficiently

- Lorraine T

The company was very patient in trying to get my gmail account working even though it took quite a bit of time. Thank you for the professional service. Regards,

- Anne B

This is Daniel Warlick and I would like to thank Jay Stone for the excellent work that he has done on my computer.He has patiently worked.

- Daniel W

Sam worked on my computer and resolved all issues. I am very happy with the results.

- Ronald

Tech was very helpful. PC is running fine at this time.

- Foy

I was very sceptical...... When Brock called to tell me I had a problem on my computer. He was very patient with this ole lady. Ther are so many scams going today. I hopemiot is all o.k. thank you.

- Pibrant

Thank you Sam I really appreciate your help. Shirley Hamm

- Shirley

great assistance. very satisfied.

- Virginia

I am very happy that they were able to clear up the problem with my computer. I always run cleaner, malware, etc. but I did not know my firewall was expired. Thank you for the support.

- Marylou

The level of compassion and patience that your people repeatedly demonstrated was why I knew I could trust there people.

- Carroll

I am satisfied with the service rendered.

- Andy

I am happy with the service.

- Maria

Thank you Sam Dawson for helping me with my many issues today. The session could not of been any better. Please keep up the great work.

- Daniel

I want to thank everyone for all the information and help. I feel secure with the download and feel that my computer is covered for any problems.

- Louis

Believe the work to have done well and the computer appears to be working well. Time will tell. Thanks to Ben Parker.


thank you for clearing up all the problems

- Daniel

I am pleased to inform you that the quality and service and time that Sam Dawson performed on my computer was priceless. He was so good and easy to speak to. I appreciated his caring and consern for my computer. Thank you so much.

- Linda

I appreciated the telephone call about the presence of malware on my system. However following the initial conversation there was a bit of scheduling confusion as to when the technician was supposed to access my computer and correct the problem. Having said that, you appear to be very persistent and thorough in your computer cleaning efforts. Hopefully within the next week I will remain malware-free. I will be checking event-viewer for the situation and if I see any errors displayed I will call you back to get the problem resolved. However, no news is good news coming from me. Thanks for the work and the efficiency improvements.

- Jim

I am very pleased with the service given me this morning to remove problems with my computer. Joan Maher

- John Maher

sam did a fanastic job in a shart timr

- Gloria

Thank you so much means alot for it to work correct.

- Mary

Good Job from all!

- Diana

i am very satisfied with the service

- John

Sam Dawson was very helpful and professional and at this time has answered all my questions and resolved my issues.

- Vallane

Very fast service. You fixed the issue of not finding my favorites list under Google Chrome ! thank you Sam Dawson

- Jackie

i am satisfied with the service that my computer has received.

- Cheryl

Thank You, I am happy with your service & you r help with the problem that I had with mu computer. Again, Thank you

- Jack

I am satisfied with the service I received today.

- Jonathan

The system seems to be working much better, I will be able to tell better in a few days. Thank you.

- Paul

After the installation of the protection I was walked through it to see that it worked for me.

- Fred

I am very happy with the service I have received today. I am happy that my computer is running correctly. Thank you very much

- Joanne

I am satisfied with the work that has been given from Representative have been respectful and informative. Thank you. Catherine M. Flaherty

- Catherine

The service and patience of angela were excellent

- Lowell

I am very pleased with the technical support that I received from Marc today. My computer is fixed Thank you for your support. Sincerely,

- John

Thank you very much for your time and support for helping with the problems with my computer. Have a good evening and God Bless

- Donna

I am very pleased with the support provided by Mark Robinson on my computer. I called earlier tonight (Sat.) because my printer was unable to communicate with my desktop computer and could not print. After several hours of working on it he was able to get it to print. He was very patient and professional during his communication with me.

- Kevin

I am very satisfied with the work done

- Stephen

great job, excellent, kudos.

- Garth

I want to thank everyone who repaired the problems with wy iMac computer. Your expertise. knowledge and patience really helped me understand the problems and solutions of the situation. I especially want to thank Alex Page for his explanations and willingness to answer my questions and walk me through the methods you used to troubleshoot the computer. It was a very worthwhile learning experience. Keep up the good work.

- Bob

Hi, Really like the service done by I-SecureVAP. Would recommend to my friend. I have attached my survey

- David

The tech team did an exceptional job getting my computer verified I recommend them highly. My tech Alex Smith was very patient and very courteous I am very well pleased. Sincerly,

- Jerry

My name is James Joe and your technichin did a vry good joe in getting me started again my software was corruped kudos to Kevi Dawson

- James

Alex Smith has helped me and I am very satisfied with his assistance. He is such a very patient and kind man whom it was very pleasing to have dealt with.

- Roberta

Alex did a very fine job in helping me with my problem. I had a hard time explaining it at first, but he showed a lot of patience and understanding. He is a credit to your company.

- Marcel

I have had excellent service from Alex. and I appreciate his work. He has been very courteous. I have enjoyed working with him. Thanks Alex for your expert work.

- Bob

I had to contact your service for support and my call was answered very courtiously and professionally. My problem was resolved immediatly to my fullest satisfaction.

- Kurt

computer is working great. Smooth and Fast

- Andrew Blommel

Thank you for your technical support and patience. I appreciate the expertise in and guidance through the process and installation of Open Office

- Antoinette Fargo

Thank you very much for your help. The computer is running much more quickly now. You seem to have done a very good job. Thanks

- Garret Fitzgerald

Service was fine, my computer is working fine and it is working quicker than before

- Nancy Hoblit

my computer is working alright,it is working faster than before

- Deborah Robinson

I really appreciated the detailed explanations given to me as the cleaning up process proceeded. The whole experience was very satisfactory. I am grateful to the staff for their assistance.

- Marilee Cole

The service was exceptional the speed has improved and my both computer is working fine.

- Neil Fabianich

I just spoke to ms.crystal Scward and she was very helpful .sincerly,MARIE COLLINS


Service is very good. 26/03/13

- Roger Simard

Great Job....I wll call you if there is a problem 24 March '13

- Luanne Hanley

I was quite satisfied with the people from your company who helped me yesterday and today on my computer, by phone. 24 March 2013

- Joyce E. Jodat

I wish to express my appreciation to your staff for the fine work they did on correcting the corruption and virus that I was having trouble with in my PC. They worked hard and long in doing in correcting this problem 24 March 2013

- Cliff McDonald

Tech support was above average in helping with my computer support. The technician was wonderful to work with.. 23rd March 2013

- Jeanne M. Imbert

The technicians were very helpful and thank you. Our computer is much faster now, many thanks. 22 March 2013

- Mary Scaros

Iam very sattisfied with ur service,everyone is so patient and helpful,my computer is working fine rite now,if i have the problem then i ll call u. 22 March 2013

- Bernd Hannemann

The computer seems to running faster. The service was courteous and patient.

- Janet Scarboro

I am encouraged to be told that any attempt to access personal and financial info has been blocked by purchase of your product. I have also been told to increase the RAM for increased speed of operation. I look forward to a followup call in a few days to verify everythig is still working well. Technicians and Crystal have been patient and polite. Thank you. 4th March 2013

- Diane Jamison

I feel that the service you provided was quite adequate.

- John

They are really good. They have resolve the problem of my printer & I got my the lost data. The price which they have charged it is acceptable. Thank You Jessica.

- Mr.John Adams

My computer was "debugged" in short order and now seems to work much faster... Thanks to IsecureVAP. 7th Feb'13

- E. George Gordon

You guys did a great job on my computer! 7th Feb'13

- Belinda Cisneros

Thank you IsecureVAP for the services I received this evening. I was treated courteously and professionally by each and every person I was in contact with. I had severe misgivings at the beginning of my interactions but Angela and Josh were very patient and understanding. They made sure I understood each step of the way. Upon completion, David was also very patient and professional. He worked with me to explain and show me what was done and to check how my computer is now working. I had forgotten what it was like to have a fast working computer. Thank you so much! 6th Feb'13

- Sharon Bedard

thank u IsecureVAP for your services. 6th Feb'13

- Marva Burt-Gray

I would like to thank the above people for all the help, consideration and patience with me! Everyone was very pleasant and great to work with! Thanks again to IsecureVap. 6th Feb'13

- Maryellen Morin

As usual your technicians have done an excellent job, thanks

- Benny Baker

I was very pleased and the people helping were very informative and they informed me of a lot of things I was totally unaware off. The overall service was excellent. David was very curtious and got back to me immediately. Thanx to IsecureVAP

- Lisa Egleston



Hello, It seems that there is an improvement at the moment. I hope it is sustained. TY IsecureVAP for being persistent. I appreciate your support.

- Catherine Suchodolski

I Maria Fita checked my e mails and everything seems to run fine at this moment thank you IsecureVAP.

- Maria Fita

Thank you IsecureVAP, as far as I can tell, my computer appears to be working at a quicker rate than before. 16th Jan'13

- Tim Kelliher

Had a problem after the initial fix. IsecureVAP Team was very persistent about f/u and eventual resolution of my problem. I appreciate their support. 31st Jan'13

- Catherine Suchodolski

I'm so glad that IsecureVAP were able to help me out with my computer. Thank you very much. I would recommend them to anyone if they have any problem. They are very professional. 31st Jan'13

- Maria Sexton

Computer seems to be working fine. I need to re-do all my passwords, since they have disappeared, but otherwise everything is good. Josh really helped me. Thank You. 30th Jan'13. 10:52 AM

- Barbara Cary

Thank you very much for your help and time. My computer is a lot faster and I feel a lot safer knowing I am protected...Kathleen Duclos.

- Kathleen Duclos

Wonderful service, computer faster now!

- Kathryn Holicky

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